Gutters are an important feature of your house, mainly to drain water, but also to enhance it's appearance.  The gutter professionals at CRC will make sure you have the best functioning and best looking gutters.  Here at CRC, we do both k-style and half round gutters in copper, steel and aluminum.


We install gutter guards to keep leaves and debris out of your gutters, heat cables which melt snow on your roof so there are not big pile ups of snow on your roof and snow guards that regulate the amount of snow falling off your roof.  Click here to see gutter accessories.


When your gutter are clogged with debris, they can't do their job. CRC offers annual, or bi-annual roof check and gutter cleaning, to keep your roof and gutters in great condition. Click here to learn more about our maintenance program.

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K-Style Gutters

The term K-style gutters is derived from the profile of this type of guttering when viewed from the side. The outer shape of the gutter is supposed to (very vaguely) represent the letter K, as opposed to a perfectly-rounded, half-circle-shaped gutter. Like other types of gutters, K-style gutters are available in different sizes. The two most common sizes, as measured by gutter diameter, are five-inch and six-inch; though seven-inch, eight-inch, and custom sizes are obtainable from certain places. K-gutters are most often made with aluminum.

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Half Round Gutters

Half-round gutters look like you took a fully-enclosed pipe and cut it in half lengthwise. A "true" half-round gutter section has curled-top outer edges on both sides, although you can purchase these types of gutters where the outer edge has a curled top on only one side. Like traditional "K-style" gutters, half-round gutters are available in different widths and colors, and can be purchased in sections or installed as a seamless gutter.



Galvanized 26- or 24-guage steel remains a viable choice for the retro-fit gutter market because of its high strength and low rates of thermal movement. Steel gutters have twice the tensile strength of aluminum, with approximately half the amount of thermal expansion and contraction.



Copper gutters age beautifully with a patina finish that can only be created with aged copper. Unlike most standard aluminum gutters, in addition to box and k-style shapes, copper gutters come in round and half-round styles, offering even more character to your home.



Fabricated on-site, standard gutters and downspouts from CRC are custom measured, cut and formed for a near seamless fit. Unlike pre-fabricated standard gutters, our gutters help eliminate the leaking and staining found with seamed gutters.