Slate Roofing

Slate roofs simply have no equal in durability. Their natural beauty enhances the aesthetic design of any building with its rich color and texture. ​Slate is a natural stone that is virtually impermeable by water and extremely durable to the harshest freeze-thaw cycles. Variations in color and thickness ensure that no two slate roofs will ever be identical. Slate roofs can last in excess of 50-100 years. Our highly skilled craftsman offer the highest quality workmanship and attention to detail. 
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wells gray.png
Wells Gray: This non-weathering Vermont slate has a soft and continuous gray hue. Sometimes described as “the battleship color”, Vermont Wells Gray exhibits soft, light grays accented with an occasional splash of black. Some pieces may exhibit small markings of green. A favorite of architects and owners for custom homes where they are blended with other slates to create multicolored roofs.
spanish black.png
Spanish Black: This non-fading and non-weathering elegant deep blue-black slate is a fine quality slate with an exceptionally smooth texture. It is available as a 1/4″ smooth texture, or Standard Grade. It looks great used by itself or within a slate color blend. Unfading Spanish Black is a color not found in Vermont, but exhibits the same characteristics and has the same 100 year warranty as Greenstone Vermont slate. We import it from Spain.
non weathering mottled purple.png
Non-Weathering Mottled Purple: Unusual slate with a uniquely Vermont color, ranging in soft shades of purple and green. At times, purple will be the predominate color and at others green becomes predominate.
gray black.png
Gray Black: Vermont Gray Black is a premium quality roofing slate with shades of gray and black. It is one of the most common slate colors and is used extensively on commercial, residential and institutional buildings where a traditional slate roof appearance is desired. Although it is generally considered a uniform gray black roof in appearance, approximately 4-6% of these slates will exhibiting slight signs of weathering after 12-18 months of exposure. The Vermont Gray Black slate is drawn from the Briar Hill quarries.
non weathering gray_green.png
Non-Weathering Gray/Green: This Vermont slate is green with shades varying slightly to light gray. This slate can also exhibit clouds or spots of darker gray markings. It is one of the most popular roofing slates. Non-weathering Gray Green slate can be used alone or as one of the blended colors used on multi-colored roofs.
strata gray.png
Strata Black: This distinctive slate has an overall grayish background with mottling of various shades of darker gray and black. It will experience some weathering. That along with its varying texture adds to its unique character.
semi weather gray green.png
Semi-Weathering Gray/Green: Over time, this gray / green Vermont slate yields a variety of rich earth tones. When extracted from the quarry it is a monochromatic. Some slates, about 10-25%, will gradually change to soft tones of buffs and tans after exposure to the weather. Semi-weathering Gray Green slate gives a rustic, textured appearance to a roof and is used extensively on commercial, residential and institutional buildings.
non weathering purple.png
Non-Weathering Purple: This is a vibrant, non-weathering Vermont Slate with color that can range from a clear plum to a deep magenta with green splashes. Use it alone or with a blend.
clear gray.png
Clear Gray: This semi-weathering slate is an excellent hard-vein slate in shades of light to medium gray. When weathered, 10-20% of slate will exhibit buff shades.

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