• Kim Braeseke

We've got to talk about Storm Damage.

Spring is around the corner and storm season is here. Along with these storms come the “Storm-Chasers”- roofing contractors that move from state to state to take advantage of storm victims. You need help right away and it is difficult to tell the good guys from the bad. Don’t get caught being a double victim, first from the from and then from a disreputable contractor. Instead, let our Storm Division be your first call.

As an example, a client recently called us because a section of copper was loose on their roof after very heavy winds. Upon inspection we realized that the majority of their upper flat seam copper roof had blown off, leaving the area beneath exposed. We assembled an emergency crew and sent them to cut away the damaged material, ice and water shield and then tarp the area to prevent water damage with rain or snow (which could have been a serious issue otherwise). Below see how our client identified the damaged area and how we repaired their roof.

Here are some things you can prepare yourself when it comes to storm damage:

  1. Stay calm and be patient. You want to be prompt in attending to your problem but do not rush the job.

  2. Avoid "knock on door" contractors or "Storm Chasers." You want to avoid large upfront payments, it will usually be a scam!

  3. Check to make sure the contractor is properly licensed and do your research!

  4. Go local, always. Make sure that companies have real websites, certifications, and insurance. When in doubt, look up the roofer on the Better Business Bureau to see if there are any records or comments.

We are a member in good standing with the National Roofing Contractors Association, have an A+ rating with the BBB and are compliant with OSHA’s safety standards. All workers are employed by CRC ad we don’t use any subcontractors. We're fully insured, bonded and are HAAG Certified inspectors.