• Jennifer Makely

Walgreens in Northfield gets a new synthetic roof

Cedar Roofing Company recently re-roofed the Walgreens in Northfield IL, replacing the original cedar shake roof with a composite shake roof. The old, deteriorating cedar shake were falling off the roof. They gathered in the gutters, and at times, fell to the ground. It was becoming a dangerous situation and it was definitely time for a new roof.

CRC is committed to educating our customers about new developments in technology and materials available today. Synthetic roofing materials are a relatively new development in the market and seemed like a great choice for the Walgreen’s store. Made from recycled plastic or rubber, they are light weight, mold, pest, impact and fire resistant and are virtually maintenance free. And so, when the owner of this commercial building asked us for recommendations, Cedar Roofing Company suggested DaVinci Single Width Shake.

Cedar Roofing Company’s installers are trained and proficient with all the new installation procedures and processes that are required with synthetic roofing projects. If you would like to see more examples of our work and find out more about synthetic roofing materials, please click here. Or call the office to schedule a free roofing estimate at 847-247-4400