• Jennifer Makely

Spring is Here!

Though it seems like Winter will never end, Spring should be right around the corner! It's a great time to start preparing your roof for the hot summer months ahead. Even if you don't foresee any problems with your roof, it is best to check it out just to be sure. The National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) recommends that you perform a simple roof checkup every Fall and Spring.

So, where to begin? First, CRC will clean the gutters and check them for wear

Clogged gutters can cause many problems in both the spring and winter months. In the winter, a clogged gutter can lead to ice build-up and ice dams. This can cause damage to the gutter, but also shorten the life of your roof. In the spring, a clogged gutter can lead to water overflow, which if left unchecked can cause damage to the foundation of the building.

Next, CRC will inspect the roof itself. We'll perform a general Roof Inspection, including:

• Replace Damaged / Loose Shingles • Inspect Flashing • Check for Fungus / Moss • Recommendations for follow-up services, including cedar wash & preservation, staining, necessary repairs

Keeping up with repairs will save you money in the long run and prolong the time until a full replacement is needed.

Consider signing up for our flexible Annual Maintenance Program. To find out more, please find more information under our Maintenance Program tab on the website.