• Jennifer Makely

Ice Dam Warning Signs

How to spot ice dams on your home:

Ice dams normally migrate over time from the outer most edge of your eave, in towards your home. If you have gutters, the ice dam will form there first and then grow (migrate) back towards your heated space. Icicles on the outermost edge of your eaves are not necessarily a reason for immediate concern. Ice coming through the soffit or soffit vents, however, is no good. Ice coming down the exterior wall is a very bad thing and means the water is most likely in your wall cavity.

Six Common Locations Ice Dams Show Up:

If you see evidence of ice damming on your home, give us a call. We will schedule repairs and also address issues to help prevent it from happening the next time. CRC offers snow removal, vent installation and heat cable installation.

Thank you to Steve Kuhl of Kuhl's Contracting - Hopkins, MN of kuhlscontracting.com for the illustrations.