• Sandy Black

Extend The Life of Your Roof: What You Aren't Thinking About

Have you looked at your roof lately and thought "oh I'll get around to that"? You don’t realize you’re going to have a problem until it's inescapable. To that we say, the end of Summer/beginning of Fall is a great time to address these seemingly little fixes, that are pertinent in the effort of extending your roof's life. A few services to consider:

Cleaning the debris of gutters— It will become sludge, clog, water back up and create mold ad leakage inside your home. The seams of your gutters can become to split which can result in the necessity to need to completely replace the product itself.

Missing and loose shingles— while the underlayment of your roof can survive exposed for a period of time because of how we secure the backing, but long standing exposure will cause damage to the structure of your roof and home.

Roof cleaning— This is preventive for your roof. The more you do it — the longer your roof lasts.

Caulking and Sealing — This is one of the most common problems we come across and easily overlooked. This can become a site of leakage issues around your skylights, windows and flashing (materials wrapped dormers, your chimney, valley seals). Without a proper check, water damage can become the result.

If you’re not proactive attending to what seen like little fixes they can become long-lasting issues. Before you know its a whole re-roof project. So what's to do when these issues arise? Fortunately it's as easy as contacting our Service Division. Depending on the age of your roof, we may even suggest considering our Maintenance Program. You can count on quality, detailed workmanship as we determine what should be done so you can expect the maximum performance of your roof system.

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