• Jennifer Makely

Cedar Roof Lifespans: what to expect

Ever wonder if it's worth it to spend the extra money for premium shake?

Or if CCA treated shake actually extend the useful life of your roof? This handy chart has some answers...

*Treated roofs refer to materials treated by the shake and shingle manufacturers, prior to shipping and installation. Also known as CCA pressure treated wood.

There are many things that play into how long a cedar roof will last including roof slope, tree coverage, quality of installation, fasteners used, maintenance history and more. The numbers in this chart reflect averages based on our experience over the past 38 years. These statistics apply to what we will call an ‘average’ cedar roof, with a 9/12 slope, average tree coverage and code compliant installation by professional roofers. Organic rot, severe weather and UV abuse will shorten these lifespans.