• Jennifer Makely

An Open Letter to Our Customers

US Customs and Border Protection announced March 15 that all wood shingles and shakes from Canada will now fall under the Anti-dumping/Countervailing Duty that was put in place last year (2017) on softwood lumber. This places an immediate 20.23% duty on the price of any of these shakes / shingles and has increased shingle costs by at least that amount, overnight.

We, at Cedar Roofing Company, buy a lot of shingles ahead to stay in front of the market, but Customs has taken the unusual step of issuing no warning of this duty coming and making it effective on any load coming across the border, regardless of when the order was placed. This means that truckloads of shingles we ordered 1-2 months ago do not escape the tariff. Their cost gets raised the 20.23% the moment they come across the US border.

What this means for you, our customers, is that we have some inventory on hand, but that all wood shingles we have already bought but not yet received will now be more expensive. We will average in the stock on hand to help contain some of the initial cost increase, but we have had to raise prices effective March 15, 2018.

Cedar Roofing Company is here to partner with you to find the roofing solution that will fit your home and your budget, while increasing its beauty and value. We’ve been a part of building your community for over 35 years and are expert installers of ALL roofing materials: Asphalt, Synthetics, Metal, Slate, Tile, Flat and of course, Cedar. And if you’re not quite ready for a new roof, we also help you extend the life of the roof you have, by offering repair, maintenance and preservation services.