• Brock Hopma

Alaskan Yellow Tapersawn Transformation Process

In April 2020, I met with homeowner to discuss a re-roof project on their home in Lake Forest. I showed them several different cedar products. They weren’t crazy about them so I brought up Alaskan Yellow CCA Tapersawn. I showed them some samples and explained that the roof is very yellow at first but turns a beautiful silver within a year. I have included before, final and 1 year later.

Alaskan Yellow Cedar is found only on the Pacific coast of North America. Two characteristics that make Yellow Cedar shingles so popular are its strength and durability. Alaskan Yellow Cedar Shingles contain natural oils and tannins that fight against mold and decay, which means homeowners who buy Alaskan Yellow Cedar shingles can enjoy lasting value with little maintenance required.



What’, these natural tannins and oils release over time, which slightly changes the color of custom Yellow Cedar shingles from a pale yellow to a soft and silvery gray.

One Year Later


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