• Jennifer Makely

Add Years to the Life of Your Roof

Preservation of your cedar shake roof is an economical way to protect the most important feature of your home’s exterior. Your roof must withstand the most severe conditions that Mother Nature has to offer. Snow, ice, wind, rain and damaging UV rays will shorten the useful life of your roof. Proper maintenance will ensure that you maximize the performance of your roof system.

After our team has properly repaired your roof system, it is time to preserve it.

CRC will provide:

• Carefully protect your home and landscaping • Safely move patio furniture, grills & all yard fixtures from the work zone • Brush a rust inhibitor onto metal flashings, as needed • Apply topical roof preservative with a power sprayer, for deep penetrating coverage

Our roof preservative is specifically designed to extend the life of your shake roof. Features include:

• Gray or Cedar Toned Brown colors to enhance the aesthetic beauty of your home. • Water based and environmentally friendly formulation • Titanium Dioxide UV Blocker to protect against sunlight degradation • Concentrated formula repels water while allowing the cedar to breathe • Slows and resists future fungal growth and organic staining