FAQs + Warranty

Q: When should I replace my existing roof?


A: Beyond the obvious signs of moss or missing shingles, time is the biggest indicator.  Generally, the majority of roofs that were installed with older materials last 10-20 years. (Today's roofs, made with superior products, last longer) If your roof was installed in the 1990's, we recommend you get a professional out to look at it.  Our CRC representatives will be happy to give you a detailed assessment of your roof's condition and lifespan, along with a free estimate if needed.


Q: What maintenance is needed on a new roof?


A: Generally speaking, today's shake and composition roofs do not require maintenance.  Of course if you do see moss or excessive amounts of debris from nearby trees, those should be cleared off the roof.


Q: What are the permit fees?


A: Permit fees can be anywhere from $0 to 2% of the job value.  We take care of all the paper work to process the permit and will also pick up the permit if need be.  Customers are responsible financially for the permit fee.


Q: What if you find rotten wood when you tear off the roof?


A: Our skilled installers will replace rotted plywood, soffit, fascia as needed, for an extra fee.


Q: How long will my roof take?


A: Almost all of CRC's projects are completed within 7 working days.  Most take as little as three or four days.  We typically work Monday-Saturday, 7am to 5pm.


Q: What happens if it rains?


A: We normally work on one section at a time, so if it rains, you will be covered.  We will always keep your attic dry; on the other hand, it is perfectly okay if roofing materials get wet during installation, that is what they were made for.


Q: When should gutters and skylights be replaced?


A: It makes sense to replace your gutters and skylights at the same time you replace your roof as they have similar lifespans.  That is typically what our customers do.


Q: How many employees work on a crew?


A: We have four to six people on a crew, including a foreman.  They are skilled craftsman who work for us year round.  They stay on your job from start to finish.


Q: Do I have to be home during the project?


A: No, but you will need to be available by phone.  We just need a section of the driveway clear, with no cars parked in it, and access to a power outlet.  You could go to Hawaii if you wanted to and come home when it is done.


Q: Can I get a new roof in the winter?


A: You bet.  We install roofs year round in the Chicagoland area, and work with the same crew, so you will get the same outstanding quality in December that you get in July.  Some advantages in the winter include frozen ground to help protect landscaping and the weather is more predictable.

Material Warranty: All of our re-roofs also include a material warranty provided by the manufacturer, with few exceptions.  Most product warranties are for over 50 years!  All agreements and performance required by such agreements are subject to strikes, ice dams, blowing snow, mold or mildew conditions, damage form hail, tornado or storms of peculiar nature and drywall cracks, nail pops and settling due to construction.  

Labor Warranty: All of our re-roofs include 5 year non-prorated coverage with few exceptions. This warranty is not widely used by our customers, but we have it for their peace of mind. Our workers shall take reasonable precautions to avoid damage to Owner's grass or landscaping, blacktop, concrete drives, septic sewer, well, water lines or public utilities resulting from the weight of our vehicles and/or heavy equipment or material.